Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame

2010 induction of Jamie Oldaker

From As one of American popular music's most notable drummers for artists such as Eric Clapton, Bob Seger, Leon Russell, The Gap Band, Peter Frampton, Freddie King, the Tractors, and Ronnie Dunn, just to get started, Jamie Oldaker's name is synonymous with rock solid tempos featuring the casual confidence of an extremely gifted guitar player. Born September 5, 1951, in Oakland, California, to parents Dee Dee and Carl Robert Oldaker, Jamie moved to Tulsa as a child where his father, a former drummer, inspired Jamie to take up the drums. Along with enjoying the steady marches of John Phillip Sousa, and Benny Goodman's drummer Gene Krupa as a child, Jamie knew his calling after seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan's variety show, and the young drummer's parents were always supportive and tolerant of the never-ending line of musicians jamming in the family's household. After graduating Tulsa Edison High School, Jamie left town for St. Louis to perform with Phil Driscoll at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel's famed music spot The Basement, leading him to the Ed Sullivan show where the Beatles had inspired him years earlier.

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